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Extra Large Flex-Heat Lupin Pack (17cm x 57cm) $32.95

Filled with 100% Australian Lupin Seeds.

Lupin seed is a light round pod, with superior heating qualities when compared to other grain fillings. It is clean natural seed that produces no dust.

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Superior Coverage

Multifunctional Design

XL Flex-Heat Lupin Packs are sectioned and weighted to produce a multifunctional pack that can be worn around the shoulders or high on the neck.

lupin hot pack
lupin heat pack

Ready in Seconds

Great Coverage Lasting Warmth

So simple to use, simply place in the microwave for 90 seconds. A great winter warmer at less than 1 cent per application. Heating and cooling instructions displayed clearly on the front of every pack.

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lupin heat pack packaged
large lupin heat pack
australian made heat pack

Available in a wide range of colours

We use soft 100% Cotton Corduroy. Every Flex-Heat Lupin Pack comes neatly packaged in its own recycled/recyclable box with full instructions.